Selected Publications

"Auto-summary of document content"  (Patent #US6424362, issued 7/23/2002)

"Analyzing input data streams using user criteria"  (Patent #AU2098301, issued 6/25/2001)

"Notification and alert processing using a plurality of communication media"  (Patent #AU4021301, issued 04/24/2001)

"For financial trading system"  (Patent #AU7611200, issued 4/24/2001)

"For user interface for a financial trading system"  (Patent #AU7712200, issued 4/24/2001)

"System for ranking the relevance of information objects accessed by computer users"  (Patent #US06202058, issued 3/13/2001)

"Interactive document summarization"  (Patent #US05867164, issued 2/2/1999)

"Interactive document summarization"  (Patent #US07886235, issued 2/8/2011)

"Interactive document summarization"  (Patent #US07882450, issued 2/1/2011)

"Document summary computer system user interface"  (Patent #US05838323, issued 11/17/1998)

"System for directing relevance-ranked data objects to computer users"  (Patent #US05724567, issued 3/3/1998)

"An XML Development Outline" in Institutional Trading Technology, December 2000.

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